Specialised Trade Finance

Specialised Trade FinanceVia Capital has been a frontrunner in the development of customized financial solutions for South African exporters – principally in the motor industry.

Via Capital has established an arrangement with Merrill Lynch in London to trade qualifying South African automotive export receivables into the Euro-market, resulting in implied interest rate and accelerated cashflow benefits for the exporters.

In addition, these transactions accelerate the generation of credits issued under the Motor Industry Development Programme (MIDP), further benefiting the exporter.

Via Capital has also pioneered sophisticated financing arrangements which allow automotive exporters to discount forward their MIDP credits for up to 12 months – offering further cashflow benefits.

The same technology used to discount MIDP credits also facilitates integrated supply chain financing solutions, where external funding sources are combined with freight forwarding and transport services to offer a holistic financing and logistics solution to qualifying manufacturers.

Via Capital remains committed to adding value to the automotive sector on a fully integrated basis.

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