Transport Infrastructure Finance

Transport Infrastructure FinanceVia Capital’s strategy with regard to the financing of transport infrastructure projects is centred on the Via Capital Transport Infrastructure Fund (the Fund).

The Fund comprises 50% PDI ownership on an internally geared basis and is positioned to fulfill the dual role of equity provider and empowerment partner in infrastructure projects. The Fund is expected to generate market-related returns exceeding 20% over time.

Via Capital’s involvement in the Fund is that of principle investor and 51% shareholder in the fund management company, Via Capital Fund Management (Pty) Ltd. The remaining 49% of the fund management company is available to an empowerment company, majority owned by black entrepreneurs.

Via Capital itself is well positioned to offer value to the financing of the infrastructure roll-out over the coming years. Via Capital would expect to participate directly in PPP projects and in providing project finance advisory services.

Finally, in keeping with its firm belief in the inevitable success of the corporate debt capital markets, Via Capital is well positioned to apply its debt capital market competencies to drive the use of listed project bonds to finance a substantial portion of the expected transport infrastructure spend.

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